Tailoring our work to better serve our families!

Every year, my team and I at DC College Counseling seek out ways to better serve the families and students we work alongside. We thoroughly appreciate that each student’s needs are one-of-a-kind and always try to provide individualized services that meet each client’s needs. This is why we structure our packages differently from many other educational consulting firms. We realized early on, for example, that some students need hours of interview prep and others don’t have a single college interview - every one of our packages is hourly-based, so that it can be customized to meet the needs of the individual.

This spring, though, we decided to take it a step further. We’ve started asking all new students to take a personality test loosely based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I referenced this in a prior post, but it’s been a very useful process and has given us the opportunity to tailor our work to best mesh with each student’s individual personality type. If we can learn about our students prior to their sessions, we are able to gain insight into their motivations and goals. We can even use the information to help develop voice and writing style down the line.

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Personality tests are becoming more and more popular in the professional world, but we believe they can also help parents better understand their children and set them up for success long term.  We encourage you to visit 16personalities.com, take the 12-minute test and ask your kids to do the same.  Don’t forget to ask your spouse, too - the feedback will blow your mind!

3 key benefits to taking the “16 Personalities” test for your family:

1. Parents can learn their own parenting styles and adjust their strategies according to each child’s personality traits.

2. Parents can help their high-schoolers discover career paths and college majors that best fit with their personality type (this alone should be reason enough to take the test!)

3. It encourages students to become more introspective, while appreciating their strengths and working towards strengthening their weaknesses

I’m an “Entertainer” - and while I wouldn’t say that every small detail is accurate (I plan ahead to a fault, while my personality type tends to struggle with that), SO much of it is.

A good challenge is always appreciated by Entertainer personalities, and they make wonderful and inspiring counselors, social workers, personal coaches, and consultants who improve employee or customer satisfaction … People with the Entertainer personality type are able to take a social and relaxed attitude and use it to get everyone else on board with practical tasks that just need to get done… there’s hardly a better personality type to have around in a dynamic, hectic work environment.

Pretty crazy, right? I guess I am in the right line of work!